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Antique Perserteppich Kirman wolle 208x140 cm Blau

img_8175_353351472Perserteppich Kerman wollteppich Blau bei teppich.comimg_8176Perserteppich Kerman wollteppich Blau bei teppich.comimg_8179Perserteppich Kerman wollteppich Blau bei teppich.comPerserteppich Kerman wollteppich Blau bei teppich.comimg_8183Perserteppich Kerman wollteppich Blau bei teppich.comimg_8184Perserteppich Kerman wollteppich Blau bei teppich.comPerserteppich Kerman wollteppich Blau bei
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Artikel-Nr.: 66179


Antique ca. 60-80 years old
sehr fein
5.900,00 €


Kerman is a city in Persia. It is the centre of Kerman province. Located in a large and flat plain, this city is located 1,076 km (669 mi) south of Tehran, capital of Persia. Kerman city had an estimated population of 533,799 in 2005.[1] The city's many districts are surrounded by mountains which bring variety to Kerman's year round weather pattern, thus the northern part of the city is located in an arid desert area, while the highland of the southern part of the city enjoys a more moderate climate. The mean elevation of the city is about 1755 m above sea level.

There is ample archeological evidence which indicates that Kerman has had a long past. It was mentioned by the Greeks by the name "Karamani". The city was probably founded by the Sassanid king Ardashir I in the 3rd century, and for this reason it was called "Ardasheer Khoreh". The Muslim Arabs called this place "Bardeseer" or "Bardesheer" and the persians used to call it "Guasheer". Kerman has numerous international attractions for tourists. The city has traditionally been a centre for the production of fine Persian rugs and is famous for growing pistachio nuts. The archeological ancient city of Jiroft is located south of Kerman. Kerman also has a small but culturally significant Zoroastrian minority. Politics in Kerman are influenced by the former President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, his brother and Vice President Mohammad Hashemi, and the Vice President Hossein Marashi, both from the nearby Rafsanjan.

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