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  • nomadic persian carpets radically reduced

    nomadic persian carpets radically reduced

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Oriental carpet Persian carpet Nain 150x150 cm Rund

img_8957_112553087Nain 9La Perserteppich online günstig bei teppich.com kaufenimg_8956_1683768877Nain 9La Perserteppich online günstig bei teppich.com kaufenNain 9La Perserteppich online günstig bei teppich.com kaufenNain 9La Perserteppich online günstig bei teppich.com kaufenNain 9La Perserteppich online günstig bei teppich.com kaufenNain 9La Perserteppich online günstig bei teppich.com kaufenNain 9La Perserteppich online günstig bei teppich.com kaufen
Original Price: 1.650,00 €Special Price: 1.171,50 €
You Save: 29% / 478,50 €

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Code: 66572


Hand knotted
Nain 9la
Beige, Brown
Wool, Silk
excellent, new
2.900,00 €


Die Stadt Nain in der Nähe von Isfahan im Zentralpersien ist bekannt für ihre feinen Teppiche, die mehr als eine Million Knoten pro Quadratmeter haben können. Je feiner die Kette, desto feiner kann auch die Knüpfung sein. In der Regel gibt es vier Qualitäten: Nain-Kaschmar (grob geknüpft), Nain-Noh-La (Baumwollfaden der Kette aus 9 Fasern gezwirnt, wodurch 40 Raj auf 7 cm kommen), Nain-Schisch-La (6 Fasern entsprechend 60 Raj), Nain-Tchaha-La (4 Fasern entsprechend 80 Raj). Alle Nain Teppiche sind durchgemustert und mit Medaillon.

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    Oriental carpets bring cozy comfort into every house and apartment.
    Whether you are looking for a classic Persian rug in silk or a modern patchwork rug from wool, you can count on it: All our rugs are hand-knotted and made of high-quality materials.

    Quality features for good carpets
    An important quality criterion is also the node density measured in the number of nodes per square meter.That is why we take each carpet from the back. So, before you buy one of our carpets online, you can convince yourself of its knotty density. In addition, the overall appearance of the knotwork as well as the harmony of the colors and the pattern,
    the age and the degree of preservation determine the value of a carpet.

    Buy oriental carpets online - with self-assurance
    If you buy online on our portal oriental carpets, or you buy a persian carpet, you will receive a certificate of authenticity, which guarantees you that you have purchased a genuine hand-knotted carpet from high-quality materials.

    Modern or traditional, made of silk or wool
    We have a wide selection of traditional oriental carpets, including, of course, the fine silk carpet. For those who do not like the classical persian carpet,
    there are also many carpets in modern design, including patchwork carpets made from old or antique, original hand-knotted Persian carpets or kilims.
    The trend is also the vintage carpets, that is, genuine hand-knotted Persian carpets, which are initially elaborately deco- lated and then redesigned with a modern touch.
    Or how about a gabbeh carpet that is characterized by abstract designs and a playful approach to geometric figures.
    We carry assortment from the following regions:
    Abadeh, Bakhtiar, Berber, Bidjar, Bukhara, China, Gabbeh, Ghashghai, Ghom, Hamadan, Hereke, Heriz, Isfahan, Kashan, Kashmir, Kazak, Kelim, Kerman, Loribaft, Malayer,
    Mashhad, Moud, Nain, Nepal, Nimbaf, Sarough, Tabriz, Tehran, Waramin, Yalameh, Yazd, Ziegler
    It is not without reason, that we can offer you finely woven oriental carpets and Persian carpets.
    Browse through our wide range of products and be inspired by the beauty of the carpets!

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